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HQProp Co.,Ltd. is a comprehensive Propeller enterprise for RC Hobby which integrates R&D, design, production and marketing as a whole. In 2012 HQProp Team was founded in China, means High Quality Prop. It is one of the most professional propeller manufacturers in China and desire to become a highest quality RC propeller manufacturer.

HQ prop are designed to give you maximum control and responsiveness up at speed. Anoptimized design method was developed to design these propellers. For a given operative condition (thrust, rotation speed, blade number, propeller diameter, hub radius) and profile distribution along the blade, the present methodcan determine the chord and angle distribution of the blade, together with its torque and thrust of the maximum efficiency propeller. the energy loss of maximum efficiency propeller is minimum. If all the profile along the blade operates at the maximum efficiency (maximum lift to drag ratio), the propeller efficiency is maximum. The optimized design methodgives us an optimized blade geometry that is then modeled.

A CFD method called MRF model method is used to analyzed the thrust and torque of propeller. The MRF model method is a steady state approximation. The fluid in the blade region is modeled as a rotating frame and the surrounding fluid is modeled in a stationary frame. The MRF model includes the geometry of the rotor blades. MRF method allows individual zones to rotate or translate. This is realized by dividingthe problem domain into separate zones where the flow is solved in stationary or rotating coordinate systems. When the air flow is uniform, this method is very accurate

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, we assure that everyone can receive a well balanced propeller, but with less payment.
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